Hadassa Jael, June 6, 2017, at 8:24 am… my third daughter was born and I give all praise to The Most High for his power and blessings!

I am so in love and amazed that I am a mother of three girls now. I’m also proud to say that I have performed two all-natural water births (with my youngest daughters). I’m sharing such an intimate and private time in my life because I see women daily steering away from practices our people were accustomed to for ages prior. Everything was natural, no questions asked. Being in tune with your body and embracing the entire process of procreation will reveal to you your God given vessel’s true potential…procreation!

Here are the differences between both of my water births

My first water birth was with Sarai Elena (my middle child) who was born November 15, 2015 in the comfort of my bedroom, with wonderful aromas and nature music. (Side note: My first child, Elizabeth, was born in 2006, 9 years prior. Because of the 9 year age gap, many of the memories are vague There are some factors however, I don’t believe any women bearing a child could forget. The induction, the forced breaking of my water and the all-to-common epidural were my first memories of bringing life into the world. As a first time mother, the real experience of bringing life into the world was manually done at the hospital.) Giving birth again felt like a new experience all over again and let’s just say I really didn’t know what to expect with going natural. As crazy as it may seem I wanted to go through the process naturally, without any medication! So, I did just that.

It was intense… After 17 hours of labor with Sarai, she was finally ready to come into the world. During the 17 hours, there were times I just wanted to give in and go to the hospital. As, I began to feel Sarai coming down my birth canal, my body kept telling me to push. I saw Sarai’s head and panicked. She went right back in! After my next two contractions, Sarai came into the world a healthy 7lbs 2oz. Whew! I was so glad that was over. lol

My second waterbirth was with my newest bundle of joy Hadassa Jael, June 6, 2017. This time in the comfort of our production studio with nature music in the surround sound (I know we’re extra), but I really felt like I was outside and one with nature.

Just having a baby, I surely knew what to expect. Mentally I was ready to take on every contraction until they were coming close and heavy, right? With the coaching and support from my doula, Maternal Roots Birth and Breastfeeding Services, my good friend Tiffany and wonderful husband I maintained a calm state the entire time. Our bodies tell us exactly what to do. I did want to hyperventilate at some points, but I maintained good breathing techniques and kept calm, which was extremely helpful.

Fast forward to a little less than 6 hours later I knew my body was beginning to tell me it’s almost time. I felt my water break and by my next contraction I was pushing, by my second contraction Hadassa was all the way out, weighing a healthy 8lbs 6oz. I know, such a big baby for little ol me and she came so quickly, I couldn’t believe it either! I was so relieved but I also didn’t know until, after the fact, that my baby had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice. My doula and husband didn’t want to tell me, to not to worry me, but my husband was quickly flipping her around to unravel the umbilical cord from around her neck and made sure we had skin to skin immediately. I’m so glad her father could be responsible for her in this situation and was quick on his feet. Through the grace of The Most High she is perfectly fine and healthy!

Thank you all for your love and support towards me and my family. Hopefully my stories will inspire some of you to consider the natural birthing process. If I can do, you can do it! I would love to hear from you all or answer any questions. Please comment, like and share!

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