Simplicity in Self Care

I know what you are thinking. Who has time for self care with a screaming toddler, a hungry husband on the way home, emails that need to be returned and a list of website updates that you set a deadline for tomorrow? Seriously.

Well my dear sister, if I have learned nothing else in my 10 years of motherhood, 15 years of loving the same man, and the last 100 years of school, work, and business is that an empty cup cannot fill another empty cup.

I am a firm believer that in this world the woman has been empowered with special abilities to care for the inner workings of the souls of those around her. Not to get too deep and philosophical, but think about it- we are responsible for taking brand new life, nourishing it within our womb, and then providing support for the development of a fully compassionate, understanding, productive human being. No Pressure. But you can see, in a role that holds such responsibility, why keeping a full cup would be so critical.

In a world of complexity, and pictures of moms taking baths in the middle of the day with bubbles and aromatherapy candles, I always find myself asking, “What about me? There is no way that I am getting 30-45 mins to sit in the tub in this place” But I do love the idea of pairing cleansing with self care practice because cleaning our bodies is already a natural part of our daily routine. But how Sway, How?

Here are my top 3 ways to add self care to my normal cleanse routine:

  1. Keep your favorite essential oil on the bathroom counter.

Simple enough. When you wash your face in the morning and at night just add a few dabs to your cloth and take a deeeeeep breath. Two of my faves are Lavender and Eucalyptus.

TIP: If you add the essential oil your shea butter/ coco butter that you use to moisturize your skin, you become a walking aromatherapy supergoddess. Last week my midwife literally sniffed my arm and said “MMMmmm that’s relaxing”. Your Welcome World.

  1. Have bath salts available in the shower.

I seriously do not have time to sit in the bath tub lol. I think I have had one long bath during this pregnancy and my tot burst in the bathroom when his little spidey senses kicked in that mommy was enjoying something without him. So I started to keep my bath salts that I got from bath and body works in my shower. I pour some onto the floor and take several deep breaths while I’m bathing. This is an especially beautiful time when I’m washing my hair!! And my feet get a nice exfoliation when I rub them over the salt.

This does not take any additional time, just pour and keep it moving. Breathe deeply while you do your regular shower thing.

  1. Sugar Scrubs

Okay so this simple self care strategy takes a little more prep but it’s only 5 mins and totally worth it! Take an old mason jar with a lid and fill it about halfway with sugar. I like to use cane sugar, it’s slightly more coarse than the regular white stuff. Then take your fave essential oil and put about 25 drops in, feel free to add more or less to your liking. Last, pour an oil that you enjoy using on your skin, Olive Oil keeps it simple for me, and fill the jar to the top. Now sometimes the oil will just sit on top of the sugar but it will settle over time, or you can take a knife and give it a few pokes.

I just leave my scrub in the shower with the lid on and take 2 mins to apply and rinse before I get out. I love it bc it cuts out the moisturizing time after the shower, and my husband loves the way my skin feels and smells when I get into bed. That’s what we call a Win-Win ladies.

See, self care doesn’t have to feel or be burdensome. Take just a few additional minutes to add these strategies to your normal routine and I guarantee you are going to love how you feel!

You are NOT alone mama! Join the WifeMommyCEO facebook group for ways to make our busy lives less stressful and to get support from other bossy mommies. While you’re in there, share your best simple self-care routines that we can use to keep ourselves full.

Until next time,

Mia Garret, LCSW

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