Protect your energy and your vagina

Are you nurturing your vagina? Women are putting themselves at risk daily. The vagina is the most absorbent organism on the female body. Which means we should be mindful about what we expose her to. Various women feel fine after using conventional pads. So they are seeing no harm being done right away. Therefore, they aren’t thinking about harmful chemicals they are being exposed to. If this is you, please consider any long-term effects that can come up later. Meanwhile, there are numerous women that have complaints during or after every menstrual cycle about breakouts, painful cramps and/or yeast infections. The chemicals your vagina is being exposed to are the very reasons for those symptoms including odor. I suggest making the switch from conventional pads to using natural sanitary pads made with chlorine and pesticide-free cotton such as The Honey Pot to avoid these issues. Here’s why:


Popular feminine hygiene products we wear during our periods contain some of the most toxic chemicals. Over 90% of cotton in the U.S is sprayed with pesticides, and 94% of all U.S. cotton is genetically engineered. In result, the hormonal function could be disrupted in many more ways through pesticide exposure. Since your vagina is the most absorbent organism and is linked to your overall health pesticide exposure can cause thyroid function issues, stillbirths, and miscarriages.

Other harmful chemicals

Many feminine hygiene products also contain synthetic material, which blocks wetness and temperature, leading to the growth of yeast and bacteria. Along with other chemicals in your pads which can cause multiple diseases and infections. Such as dioxin present in pads and tampons can cause abnormal tissue growth in the reproductive organs. Rayon, used to increase the absorbing capacity of pads, also contains dioxin. And much more!

Benefits with a solution

Choosing healthy alternatives can prevent some of the side effects listed above. My oldest daughter and I noticed some instant benefits by switching from conventional pads to using natural sanitary pads made with chlorine and pesticide-free cotton. A healthier PH, no irritation, and slim to no cramping during our menstrual cycle. Making simple changes at times can mean all the difference in your overall health. Everyone woman is different and unique so make sure you are exploring your options. This example is what has worked in my household, check out The Honey Pot. They have a variety of feminine hygiene products with natural ingredients. Their pads and tampons are 100% cotton and pesticide free. My favorite thing about The Honey Pot is they also cater to different phases of your womanhood like mommy to be and postpartum.

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