Postpartum shedding

Welcome to motherhood where you thought delivery was going to be the scariest part and 3 months later your hair starts falling out. Okay I won’t be so dramatic. This is the first time it has happened to me after having 4 children. Apparently this is quite normal and 40-50 percent of mother’s experience this.

Estrogen is the leading hormone that affects your hair growth during and after pregnancy. Due to changing hormones the shedding is not something you can immediately stop. However there are things you can do to treat. A balance diet is always key. Making sure you are putting minerals back into your body like chlorophyll, chorella, and sea moss just to name a few. I also performed a scalp exfoliation to remove any build up. Check out the video below

Have any of you mamas gone throug the same thing? How did you cope? Comment, like, and subscribe! I want to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Postpartum shedding”

  1. I have given birth to my daughter almost 4 months ago and have been noticing so much of my hair been falling out. My mind was telling me it has to be my diet. Its amazing how i was just speaking to my husband about this last night and I came across this article blog. All praises to ahayah power !

    1. HalleluYah!! He is always right on time. Four months postpartum hormones are still out of wack lol. The good thing is it grows back.

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