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Are you one of those people that have to switch soaps because they tend to dry your skin out or even irritate it? Yeah, me too; but what if I told you that you could stop looking. I myself have sensitive skin, but since I’ve discovered Herb’N Eden, handcrafted Herbal Soap that is made ONLY with Essential oils, for all skin types, I began to see a change in my skin. My skin now feels hydrated, nourished, and safe for my little ones. The owners are passionate about all-natural plant-based products; while also practicing strict procedures while creating what is now my favorite soap!  Here are just a few of my favorites.

Grapefruit & Himalayan pink salt

I use the grapefruit & Himalayan pink salt soap for my face to exfoliate once or twice a weak. The Himalayan salt improves hydration by providing trace minerals. The grapefruit helps tone your skin which is great for anyone with different skin tones. Bentonite Clay is added to enhance the detox properties of the salt, along with the aroma of Grapefruit essential oil for a fresh vibe. Himalayan Pink salt is an effective purifier with therapeutic benefits for the whole body. They handpicked these ingredients to give your skin a deep cleanse, uplift your mood.

South African Lavender

This one here is for the babies. Lavender increases relaxation, and if your kids are as active as mine, this is perfect to get the kids to “wine down.” If they are catching a little cold is relieves respiratory problems. Can we say this soap can be a preventive measure? With its anti-bacterial properties what’s better for an active toddler? Nothing!


Vanilla mint coffee

This soap is on the top of my list! That could be because of my love for coffee. The peppermint essential oil, the infused sweet and soothing Vanilla, combined with the exfoliating properties of coffee who wouldn’t be excited about taking a shower. Coffee is one of the best natural exfoliators, helping to remove unwanted smells from bacteria and cellulite. With this bar, you can ditch the washcloth & get straight to scrubbing! Coffee is one of the best natural exfoliators, helping to remove unwanted smells from bacteria and cellulite.

With all the selections they offer I don’t have to stick to the same soap. If I want to switch it up I can trust my skin won’t begin to act up and because they only use natural ingredients their soap is my shampoo too! The body butter they offer as well is perfect for my twist out. I use it for my body and hair. For a natural gal like myself, they are a one stop shop!

The best part about Herb’ N Eden is that every ingredient has been thought out and researched based on how they benefit the skin. All Herbs have healing powers; since the beginning of time. It’s essential that we acknowledge our skin absorbs, breathes, eats what we put on it. Which means whatever gets absorbed by our skin goes right into our bloodstream and travels throughout the body. Why not put ingredients on your skin that will nourish and aid your body’s natural healing abilities? Our bodies depend on our ability to have a healthy diet inside and out

You can check out their products on their Instagram @herbneden. While you are there, click on the link in their bio to also get a FREE SAMPLER PACK!

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