Happiness is Homemade

Who said juicing was only for juicing? My toddler said the juicer box is her new toy. Others have said that juicing extracts the juice from the fresh fruits and vegetables and fibers contained in the pulp are lost. So… I made use of the pulp and my budget lol. How’s that for a 2 for 1? Here are 3 of my fresh pulp concoctions.

Salad Toppings

When I juice Cucumbers, Kale, and even Apples I will throw the pulp on top of some baby greens with some Liquid aminos and olive oil and call it a day!

Carrot Tuna

This one is by far my favorite. Add chopped onions, veganaise, liquid aminos, and some pepper to your carrot pulp and now you have carrot tuna! Maybe you prefer a carrot tuna wrap or even a dip. The possibilities are yummy!

Baby Food blends

When juicing melon or berries the pulp is still so juicy. My toddler and baby get to enjoy a pulp snack. Unless my toddler gets to my juice before I finish it… then mommy enjoys a pulp snack smh.

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