Surviving the first trimester with no appetite!

This is pregnancy number four and eating was never an issue until now. Pregnancy number one, a lot of nausea took place but it never stopped me from eating what I wanted. Pregnancy two and three were great! We are now in the second trimester with baby number four and I couldn’t be happier. I was hungry and had no appetite. I could only eat what I was craving at the moment. If I was not craving it, I was having pep talks with myself about how I need to eat because surely the baby needs it. I survived by juicing, smoothies, and my herbs from tea brew farms.

What I was craving when I was craving a certain something was not always readily available to me. My husband and children who appetites are just fine, need me to prepare dinner that I probably will only take two bites of. No matter how colorful I made my salad (and I love salads) or how well seasoned my meals were I could not get passed “I don’t want to eat this” and the queasy feeling coming on. However, I could drink all the juice and smoothies with absolutely no problem. Almost every day I was juicing plenty of fruits and vegetables for breakfast. If I was feeling queasy I would just throw some ginger in whatever mix.

Almond milk, Kale, banana, ripe plum.

Smoothies became my best friend. I learned so many new recipes during this process. One of my new favorite smoothie ingredients is now cacao nibs. They have so many health benefits including but not limited to brain health. I’m sure many moms could relate to “mommy brain.” I would freeze a peeled banana, almond milk, add the cacao nibs and viola! Since I couldn’t eat my greens I was drinking them.

Herbs were a very important part. I was probably not eating enough to get all of the vitamins and nutrients I needed. I implemented tea to cover all my tracks and to ensure the baby is getting his vitamins. Herbs have been known to have plenty of nutrients and healing properties since the beginning of time. Peppermint or any tea with ginger helped me so much with nausea. Consult with your physician.

Now that I am in my second trimester with an appetite, I am always hungry and looking for my next bite haha. Any other moms have similar issues? How did you work through your funny appetite?


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