Black Breastfeeding week

Ever had the feeling that you’ve become a human pacifier or **Cue the scary music** a teething ring?? For me, it’s that moment when my baby stops sucking, looks me in my eyes with a mischievous little smile, and I can read her trying to decide whether or not she’s going to bite the boob or naw. My Little one is a shy away from 3 months, and she does it EVERY TIME she nurses. Gotta love the personality!


Being that it’s Black Breastfeeding week I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts about being someone’s main source of nourishment. The struggle can be absolutely real, however, being the optimist that I am, I choose to focus on the beauty of this journey. So if you are a breastfeeding mama, here are a few things you’re doing right.


  1. Drinking massive amounts of water

Have you ever gone a day without drinking much water? Yeah, me too; and my supply most definitely suffered for it. But let me say this, drinking enough water to help fill a fish tank will not only have your boobies on Full but will have your skin and your pee super clear which is a reflection of inner wellness. So drink up!


  1. Listening to your Baby


Your baby is so cute and sweet, right? Sometimes I look at my little girl and just get lost in her eyes and that little face. When I hear the “Kha, Kha,Kha” sound and the wiggling of her toes as she swallows milk. Hearing that sound lets me know that she’s getting what she wants and needs, even when my breast doesn’t “feel full” or I don’t feel a letdown or tingle.


  1. You’re eating like a boobie boss


We all know that our diets are a MAJOR KEY in milk production. So I already know you’re enjoying your oats, flaxseed, and nutritional yeast on the daily. I get tired of oats, so I have to switch it up sometimes and make a smoothie with all these things plus fruits and veggies. Since we are eating to ensure a great supply, we are also staying away from the supply killers. Say no to peppermint, cabbage, sage, parsley, and thyme. I know it’s hard to cook without some of our favorite spices, but breastfeeding doesn’t last forever.


  1. You’re enjoying the journey


You are a goddess, and you betta know it. Not only did you create, carry, and birth a human being, you are now nourishing that human with that goddess body of yours!! Wow! Girl, you are amazing!! Use your nursing time to enjoy your rapidly growing baby; they don’t stay this size forever.


You’re doing a great job mama, remind yourself of that every day. Happy Black Breastfeeding Week! Don’t forget to put your boob away next time you feed the baby (don’t act like it never happened to you…:)

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