Black Breastfeeding Week: 5 things I learned after nursing 4 children

Despite the horror stories you might hear or the difficult times that can come with breastfeeding I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to do it. I enjoy breastfeeding. The bonding and the nutrients I am providing is irreplaceable. I didn’t have to ween my daughters off the breast. when my supply decreased they were over it and my feelings were hurt. Thankfully I had a son recently I can enjoy this breastfeeding journey with. Here are 5 things I learned from all my different experiences:

Milk supply

You are still eating for two! What you put into your body and how often is key to your milk production. There have been times where I was in the grove of getting tasks completed and forgot to eat or ate poorly and I saw a difference in my supply. Make sure you are eating snacks in between meals and drinking plenty of water. Also, just because your breast isn’t engorged it does not mean you aren’t producing enough. Your body knows how much baby is consuming and makes just enough. Talk to a lactation consultant if you are still having doubts.

Milk Stash

By the time I had my second and third child, I consume plenty of veggies and leafy greens, I drink plenty of tea, and I am mindful of any herbs that can decrease my supply like peppermint for example. My advice on keeping your supply up from the jump is to start pumping in between feedings as soon as your milk supply comes in. Your milk supply is based on milk demand. if you are not using it your breast will decrease based on what is being consumed. Nursing and pumping is a lot of work but it’s worth it. I promise! If an emergency comes up or you just want a night out you will always have a milk stash.

Nipple Soreness

In the beginning, I will be the first to tell you breastfeeding hurts. But not for long! It varies per woman. For me, the soreness lasted for roughly three weeks for all four of my children. The pain does disappear because our bodies are that resilient. At some point, you turn into this breastfeeding superwoman who can breastfeed and do laundry at the same time. Don’t quit. You and baby need it. Plus, it helps that baby pudge much shrink quicker. I applied coconut oil after each feeding, there are plenty of ointments out there is coconut oil doesn’t work for you and baby.


With my oldest child, I did not breastfeed an entire year. From experience breastfeeding is not only healthier it’s easier. you just pop your boob out and boom lunch is ready. No washing bottles, warming or making bottles for each feeding. With an irregular sleep schedule and random baby naps, I can feed and bond with my baby without having to move an inch. That might sound lazy but when you just created a whole human you aren’t trying to hear all that!

Can we also highlight how it’s convenient on the pockets too? Have you priced organic baby formula? $50 a pop. Not only can formula not replace my breast milk, but I also have to pay $50 a can. That’s doing too much for me. No thank you I think I’ll pass.

Just Amazing

Breastmilk didn’t take on the name liquid gold for nothing. It does so much. It’s filled with anti-bodies that help strengthen the babies immune system. Your milk is formulated just for your baby. How amazing is that? Your milk changes per your babies needs. Did you know your breastmilk is filled with messages about DNA? Outside of check-ups, my babies have never been to the doctor because of any illnesses. I’m always amazed at what the body of a woman can do.

I want to hear about your breastfeeding experiences. Can you relate to any of mine? Comment, like, subscribe and share!

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