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Wife. Mommy. CEO. Mrs. Samantha Banks

Who is Wife, Mommy, CEO?

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha Banks. I am a wife, mother of four and the CEO of S Oakley Incorporated. I created Wife, Mommy, CEO to speak to the everyday women who also juggle several roles in their daily life. I am passionate about being a wife & mommy, having a career I love, and holistic living… and sharing what has worked for me!

My Life In A Nutshell

Mom & Wife Life

I was born in New York, grew up in Florida, and currently reside in Atlanta. I lost my mother at the age of 22 and the only other sibling I had could not be around when our mother transitioned. I would never want anyone to experience such a loss and feel so alone at the same time. That’s when I knew I wanted to have a big family with plenty of children. I have three beautiful daughters: Elizabeth (my oldest), Sarai, and Hadassa. I also have one son who is the baby.  Being a mother is a task within itself- teaching, nurturing, and homeschooling.  I don’t know how I do it either! Did I mention I was married?  lol, I met my husband in 2013 and we have been growing simultaneously in love and business ever since. Having a husband is also quite the responsibility, but he is also a huge rock of love and support.

Career Life

When I moved to Atlanta in 2009, I took a position at a Tax software company where I worked for two tax seasons. Working there I learned the back end of the software and the basics about taxes. One day a call came in that changed my life. A gentleman wanted to know the numbers his second office was doing. From my experience no one ever really called about that… the calls mainly pertained to calculations, and software glitches. When I saw the profit of the second office, I had decided that was my last season working for someone else.  Numbers don’t lie! I became certified and that’s when S Oakley Incorporated was born now called Financial ID. We specialize in bookkeeping, taxes, business credit and funding.  I have become a successful financial guru in the Atlanta area and the opportunities have been endless.  Best career decision of my life!

Holistic Plan

Ever since I was a young girl, my grandmother always turned to herbs and natural methods for healing.  I was probably the only 5-year-old who sipped on tea!  As time went on, I drifted somewhat from holistic methods and gave in to the pressures of easy over the counter medication and fast food.  When I met my husband, he brought me back to the days my grandmother used herbs for medicinal and holistic purposes and I decided that I would never turn back. Not only am I not turning back I am sharing my experiences with you. My knowledge and understanding of herbs and electric foods, beauty products, baby care, herbs, and essential oils have only expanded.  I have even embarked on natural childbirth which you can see for yourself in the mommy section of the blog.

Wife, Mommy, CEO Mission

My goal is to empower other mothers, working women, and wives, to keep pushing through. With balance and proper planning, YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH EVERYTHING you set your mind and heart to. I am living proof!  Through networking and growing sisterhood, I would love to share a community of strong women.  I simply hope you enjoy my tips and stories and that I can learn from you all as well.  Please comment, like, & subscribe.

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